Research Topics

Our current research topics within Intelligent & Autonomous Systems are:

  • Social Human-Robot Interaction;
  • Multimodal Perception & Sensor Fusion;
  • Computer Vision & Applied Machine Learning;
  • Robot Learning (imitation, (deep) reinforcement and probabilistic learning);
  • Grasping & Dexterous Manipulation;
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality;
  • Mobile Robotics & (Social) Navigation;
  • Smart Home & Assisted Living;
  • Autonomous Vehicles (Perception & Learning);
  • Cognitive Computational Models.


Applications towards Research Impacts

  • Development of Intelligent Social Robotics for Ageing;
  • Development of Child-Robot Interaction for robotherapy & robotutor;
  • Development of Intelligent & Autonomous Systems to provide assistance to humans in a wide range of applications such as smart cities, smart homes, intelligent transportation systems, health care & well-being, entertainment, technology for educational therapy, surveillance, search & rescue, etc.



Read the results of our work as conference papers, journal articles, and book chapters.